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Swarovski Crystals are bonded to the enamel of the tooth using the same materials your dentist uses to place braces. A variety of colors and sizes available.  All Glitter Gaud Tooth Gems must be removed by a dentist. 

Price List: 

  • $85   - 1 Swarovski crystal​

  • $125 - 2 Swarovski crystals

  • $165 - 3 Swarovski crystals

  • $205 - 4 Swarovski crystals

  • $300 - Disco Ball Tooth (entire facial surface is covered in smallest size Swarovski crystals)

*$40 for each additional crystal in a single application

3 month warranty will all Glitter Gaud Tooth Gems. Must have proof of purchase for warranty coverage.

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Swarovski Crystals: Services
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